Our roofs can receive all sorts of leaves, branches and other sorts of debris building up over time. When you look at Melbourne in particular, you can see how roof cleaning should be a valuable and essential part of your roofing maintenance routine. If you want to return your roof to its original glory, with a spotless and professional finish, then roof cleaning is the avenue that you need to pursue. Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs specialises in roof cleaning in Melbourne, helping you to dramatically transform the aesthetic of your home and increase its value through our services.


Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Cleaning a roof is something that people often neglect to think about, and underappreciated its worth in creating real value for your home. However, the results that we achieve from our professional roof cleaning speak for themselves.

Some people are considering taking on a massive roof replacement job when in reality they could be hiring roof cleaners in Melbourne for a high-quality cleaning job that’ll have your roof looking the best it’s ever looked.

This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to add some value to their homes in the case that they are looking to sell or lease the property.

Perhaps you simply just want to help improve the overall aesthetics of your home and leave the property in a more clean and tidy manner. No matter the reason, roof cleaning is essential for extending the longevity of your roof and ensuring you don’t need to undertake more extensive roof replacement repairs when you can avoid it.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

One of the ways that the experts at Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs can help clean your roof is through pressure washing. Our high-pressure hoses operate at 3,800-4500psi, helping to leave your roof in a spotless and shiny condition.

Once we have finished our pressure washing on the roof, we’ll then rinse down your entire roof and provide a thorough and efficient cleanout of your gutters.

As part of our professional service at Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs, all assorted materials, rubbish and other debris will be safely removed and disposed of properly.

Any dusty windows will be cleaned, and your front yard and surroundings will be cleared of any excess debris.

By utilising pressure washing in our roof cleaning process we can help to improve the longevity of your roof. With roof tiles and gutters left shiny and clean, you can help to ensure that rust or corrosion doesn’t happen prematurely on your roof. Not having to worry about the build-up of algae or mould spreading from your roof to potentially within your attic space is a massive weight off your shoulders.

These sorts of issues can go unnoticed for a while and can cause greater damage to your home than you may imagine. Keeping these issues at bay for as long as possible is our goal with our professional roof cleaning in Melbourne.

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Why Consider Roof Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

While roof cleaning may sound simple, it requires careful consideration to ensure zero causalities. Most homeowners don’t plan to invest in roof cleaning thinking this is a simple DIY job. However, cleaning various components on your roofs like shingles and ridge caps requires careful attention. Any causality may damage your roof, resulting in roofing issues such as leaks, mould formation, seepage problems, and other property damages. To ensure correct cleaning with special care, it is imperative to consider roof cleaning service and call for an expert’s assistance.


At Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs, we help residential homeowners achieve appealing and clean roofing conditions through roof cleaning services. We understand that finding moss, mould, algae, and debris on your roof can be frustrating.

Consequently, our actual focus is to provide you with a house with an aesthetically fulfilling and functional roof. Our roof cleaning experts ensure every corner of your roof is dust-free and ensure an appealing look. Regular roof cleaning can also increase the lifespan of your roof.

We can also perform high-pressure roof cleaning to remove dirt buildup from your roof tiles and provide you with a squeaky-clean roofing system. Roof pressure cleaning will provide a better lifetime and protection for your roof from external elements.

If you need comprehensive Melbourne roof cleaning and restoration, look no further than Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs. Apart from roof cleaning, our experts can also assist you with roof repairs, repointing and rebedding, roof painting, gutter cleaning, and sealing.

Why Choose Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs For Roof Cleaning In Melbourne?

At Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs, we understand the importance of having a well-built, fully functional, and appealing roof. We are passionate about performing and exercising skills in roof cleaning to ensure a completely clean roofing system. Our roofing experts can get your roofing system cleaned completely and effectively. We take the initiative to give a complete makeover to your roof.

Often extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your roof, resulting in malfunctioned and damaged roofing systems. Hence, regular roof maintenance and cleaning are essential. We ensure you receive a sturdy, durable, and full function roofing system that can withstand any extreme weather condition – from strong winds to snowstorms. Leave your roof cleaning to expert roof cleaners near me at Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs.

Providing ultimate high-pressure roof cleaning service

Providing ultimate high-pressure roof cleaning service

Experienced and trained team of roof cleaners

Experienced and trained team of roof cleaners

Highly competitive and fixed cost

Experienced and trained team of roof cleaners

More than 10+ years of experience

Experienced and trained team of roof cleaners

Offering lifetime warranty

Experienced and trained team of roof cleaners

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Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs – Roof Cleaning Specialists

To clean a roof correctly and safely, you need to have access to the right equipment and have a great degree of experience in cleaning a wide variety of roofs. Hiring a professional for roof cleaning in Melbourne is the most suitable option to pursue, not only for safety reasons but also in terms of the high quality of finish that our cleaning specialists will achieve.

Every project that Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs works on is carefully planned so that we can create the most durable, long-lasting and cost-effective roof cleaning solution for your roof. We possess the most up-to-date knowledge and experience to undertake top-quality roof cleaning for your home.

If you need personalised and dedicated roof cleaning services in Melbourne, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly and experienced team members today.

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Common FAQs

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

The cost of roof cleaning depends on various factors, including the roof size, location, roofing condition, and preferred roofing company. You can get in touch with one of our roofing specialists to know more about roof cleaning in Melbourne price.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Roof?

Roof cleaning is essential to extend the lifespan of your roofing system. Failure may eventually result in the formation of algae, mould, and moss which leads to rotting. Rotting further increases the chances of a leak, putting your entire house at a risk. Lack of maintenance and cleanliness is an open invitation to pests and pesky creatures. Hence, one should invest in roof cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Roof?

You can consider using a soft cloth, broom, and bucket full of water to clean your roof. However, we suggest you leave the cleaning to experts as various components (shingle, ridge cap, etc.) require special care while cleaning. You can contact us for safe and thorough roof cleaning.

How Can I Make My Roof Look New?

By considering roof cleaning and painting! Although considered basic services, roof cleaning and painting can transform your boring roofing system into a visually appealing roof.

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