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Pressure Washing

You need to get your roof pressure-washed? After our high pressure-wash at 3,800-4500psi your roof will look spotless and shiny. Once we pressure-wash your roof, we rinse down your entire roof and provide a thorough clean out of your gutters. As part of our professional service – once the restoration is completed – all leftover materials and rubbish will be removed; dusty windows will be cleaned, and your front yard & surroundings are de-cluttered

Pressure washing ensures the longevity of your roof. It helps to keep shingles & tiles, making sure that they live long. In addition, pressure washing will prevent algae and mold spread from your roof into the attic area. Not only pressure washing makes your house nice & beautiful, but it also saves energy.

Our professional roofers use special pressure washers to guarantee that your roof is not compromised. If you are considering pressure washing your roof, give us a call today.

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